When making a video or using a video chat or conference service there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Here's a helpful checklist you can use to improve your video conferences and virtual worship sessions. 

  • Before you start recording, choose your location carefully. Be mindful of what other things are making sounds around you or in the video's background, they could be distracting. 
  • The best place to be is a small, quiet room with soft furniture or cushions. Foam or old egg cartons can also be used to dampen sounds. This will help to reduce random background noises as well as echo from your own voice. It may also help to remind the household that you are about to begin recording and to be mindful of where you need it to be quiet. 
  • There should be light in front of you that is soft and spread out that completely covers your face. A window with the curtains closed or a cloudy day will produce this sort of light. If possible, there should be dimmer light behind you to distinguish the background. Too much light will make your video look overexposed and you will be hard to see. 
  • Try to find a wall that has few colours and decorations as your background.   
  • If you have an external plug-in microphone it should be a 'fist' distance from your mouth, or around 7.5 centimetres.  
  • No matter what kind of camera you are using make sure that your face is clearly visible. Have the camera level with your eye line. If you are having to look up or down to face the camera it may be uncomfortable for your audience. 
  • You should Ideally be taking up 65% of the screen with your head and shoulders. There should also be a little space between you and the edges of the screen, with the top being the most important. This is referred to as 'head room'. 

Use the above picture as a guide if needed.