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Templates and advice to help local Nazarene Churches implement required policies and procedures in their local setting

Our Policy Hub

Here you'll find a comprehensive collection of policy templates generously provided by the district. Please remember that these templates are designed as a starting point for your church's policies. It's crucial to review and tailor them to suit your local context and comply with relevant laws, as the district cannot guarantee their suitability for every setting. Empower your church with the tools to create policies that align with your unique needs and responsibilities.

Leadership Development Policy

Developing our leaders, both ordained and laity, is critical to the mission and ministry of our church, and as a district, we want to invest in and provide support for all those who want to take on responsibility within the church. To do this we have created a structure of Leadership Development which outlines our approach and documents a best practice which we should be aiming for. 

To read the policy, click on the link below. 
British Isles Leadership Policy 

The UK Church of the Nazarene has also developed a leaflet that highlights some of the considerations and routes for anyone interested in formal ministry paths. (Click on image to open) If you have any questions about these documents then feel free to get in touch.


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