Each local church must have in place a set of written Policies and Procedures that are relevant to that church. In addition, certain policies are required by law and each local church must have these essential policies and procedures in place if they are to meet current legal requirements. 
In order to support local churches to develop appropriate policies and procedures, BISD has provided a full set of template policies covering a wide range of situations.  There are many policies in this set and it is unlikely that every church will adopt every policy. These templates are provided as a useful tool and a starting point if a church identifies that a policy is needed. 
12 policies have been identified as essential, meaning that according to the Charity Commission and other legal requirements these policies must be in place. These essential policies are to be found in the folder "Essential Policies".

Follow links below for a "Full List of Template Policies", and for folders containing template policies by subject.

The template policies are stored on Dropbox, but you do not need to sign in to dropbox to view them. If asked to sign in, click NO.


Full list of template policies

  1. Essential Policies
  2. Safeguarding Policies 
  3. General Policies 
  4. Charity Commission, Trustee and Governance Policies
  5. Health and Safety Policies
  6. Employee, Workers and Volunteers Policies
  7. Financial Policies 
  8. Premises and Building Policies 
  9. Matters relating to the Pastorate 
  10. Information Sheets